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The Generation Video with AI and Live Community in Eurasia is on your doorstep. With our innovative video platform, we are now making professional, international holding know-how, market insights and experience available to everyone. With 1 single corporate account, all your employees have 24/7 on-demand access. As an additional virtual resource, we provide you with fresh inspiration for your entire company, anticipate the market strategically and connect it with your operations, analyze the international news straight to the point, drive motivation, deliver personal expert advice, set up the latest task force measures and drive change bottom-up. All delivered with visible energy.

How much do all your media subscriptions cost without any analytical expertise? Which of them really bring you forward today? What do you pay for an old-school conference or a typical consultant per day? How do you generate content-based marketing along the growth corridors of the New Silk Road and bring additional expertise into your company in a budget-friendly way in times of a lack of specialists? Become a part of our personal network and benefit from my insights and international business contacts.

With my warmest regards

Prof. Dr. Stefan Iskan
Founder supplychainmachine.com

Matthias Braun, Volkswagen AG / PowerCo
Stefan Iskan is an absolute insider of the (automotive) logistics business. He is one of the few in the market who has first-hand knowledge of both the procurement side of logistics service providers and, at the same time, the world of logistics giants and medium-sized companies. A book that not only makes you think,
Thomas Duvenbeck, Thomas Duvenbeck Holding
Hardly anyone in the market has passed by Stefan Iskan in recent years. And those who know him, know what they get. Strategies with operational relevance, statements to the point and straightforward facts. Here is a knowledgeable book for and about the industry from a practitioner with a high level of credibility who,
Christian Jeck, DB Schenker
I have now worked with Stefan Iskan for 15 years. The book is a travel guide to the digital future that is not only incredibly exciting to read, but also comes up with comprehensible solution concepts. With practical relevance, clear language and scientific
Ralf-Charley Schultze, International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport
Stefan Iskan presents a concrete action plan on where and how to approach the logistics industry of the future. The book is hard-hitting in its description of the state of the logistics industry, and it also criticizes the role of the industry's procurement to some extent. By addressing the management issues of
Jan Dittberner, Deutsches Institut für Normung
Stefan Iskan knows the logistics industry and its pain points at first hand. And this is clearly visible in this book. It explains the importance of digitization for the future competitiveness of an entire industry and presents solutions for the necessary steps on the way to a smart enterprise being competitive in the


I push your transformation bottom-up and connect strategy with operations.
Packed with emotional enthusiasm.
1 corporate account only. All employees included.
The innovative all-in-one platform: Unique up to now in this format.
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Benefit from my strategic experience with speed in execution. While others are still thinking, we both have executed. Partner with me as dedicated and trusted advisor for one year. Anywhere and anytime. We are always with you and your team. As an app for iOS and Android.
 Remote & On-Site
I know your business and market as an insider from operations. As a club member you get exlusive projects rates to partner with me on optional, dedicated projects. Remote or on-site. I don't need any onboarding process and I am accepted at OEMs and their logistics service providers.
 Ongoing Videos
You get ongoing fresh video impulses with relevance for your strategic orientation and shopfloor operations. From outsouring and tender management, to change leadership up to warehouse robotics and zoned procurement. In HD quality for lifelong learning and motivation.
 Analysis & News
Save yourself from information overload. I filter out, analyze and comment on the most important global business and market news for you. What is your benefit of reading a pure competitor article in an old-school paper format?
 Live Briefings
Besides our Tender Management conference series in premium soccer arenas, we brief you and your company on hot topics via ZOOM throughout the year. These online live briefings are all inclusive.
 Quarterly Report
Quarter on quarter my Strategic Market Radar brings in strategic-operational insights from the market on macro, geopolitics, vertical markets and supply chains with clear task force recommendations.
 ZOOM 1-on-1 
Your business is a personal one. Partner with me in a 1-on-1 Zoom setting and benefit more of your membership. Ongoing zoom sessions are included. Schedule fast and easy with my online calander right now.
It's our mission to build a new partner ecosystem between industry and logistics service providers. Our international community is coming together in premium soccer stadiums in Eurasia.
Benefit from my media reach to 60,000 digital and print readers in Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa and the future corridors of the New Silk Road. You can co-publish articles and videos with me all year round.
Your corporate membership not only gives all your employees 24/7 on-demand access. What's more, your membership includes platform sponsorship including your logo for even more innovative branding.
 Lead Contacts
"You are extremely connected to the market!" My articles, presentations and videos are often characterized as "unique". Content-based, they lead to new lead contacts and you benefit from them in co-publishing.
In addition, my network offers experts with international industry and task force leadership experience. Their field of action ranges from battery cell production to supplier claims management.

Vertical Markets
The digital video generation is on your doorstep. Who in your company still wants to read? Enrich your professional sources with international video news at HD TV level. Professional analysis on an ongoing basis, consolidated vertical market news without shiny sponsoring and completely free of any influence. Combined with best personal advice. How many resources do you dedicate to analyzing the news that is relevant to your business?
Fresh Inspiration
The future of consulting is at your doorstep. At every workplace. With a single corporate account. Fresh input for all employees on an ongoing basis. Upgrade your medium-sized enterprise with an experienced, international manager that previously was not always available. Or further variabilize your fixed costs and eliminate parts of your expensive strategy staff in your company. How else do you get constant input on that broad scale?
Latest Insights
The future of your strategy office is at your doorstep. With a STRATEGIC MARKET RADAR in HD TV quality. Continuous assessments of macro, vertical markets, geostrategy, tech and strategic-operational developments. Get your medium-sized business up to professional holding level. Or send some of your external consultants and analysts home. How systematic do you navigate today?
Lifelong Learning
The future of international knowledge transfer is at your doorstep. Which learning transfer success do you achieve with your today's seminar setup? Further variabilize your training costs. Make on-demand lifelong learning come true. Through informal learning and integration at all workplaces. With a video symbiosis of knowledge, consulting, analysis and news. How do you keep your company up-to-date and motivated across all departments?

Keynotes with Power and Dynamic.
What makes my keynote speeches unique? I do convince by my presence and energy. On-site or by video? There is no difference. Find out more about my profile and watch my keynote speech video from the Automotive Circle. In November 2022, I spoke to OEMs including Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Stellantis, Porsche, Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota, Renault, Volvo, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz and many other players from 16 automotive nations to promote a new partner ecosystem in purchasing between OEMs, suppliers and logistics.
Statements Clear and Straight.
No "data graveyard" and yet professional market screening with clear statements. The focus is on macro, geostrategy, markets, vertical markets (e.g. Automotive, Semiconductors, Electronics, Chemicals, FMCG, etc.), supply chains, technologies and strategic-operational insights from the market, including recommendations for taks force action. Bring your team together, run a comparison of my assessment and then start with our joint set of actions.
Challenging and Entertaining.
Frequently, we invite our team of experts and club members to discuss hot topics. Topics in breifing videos can range from ESG audits to HR related topics, warehousing and TMS, production relocation, new powertrain concepts, tender management and outsourcing, health & mindset and current legal issues. And as a club member, you and your team are always with us. No extra costs. In addition, corporate members also co-create, actively contribute and produce professional videos with their leaders and experts in co-branding with us.

Live Community Events in Stadiums.
The procurement of transport and contract logistics is booming. Our sold-out conference in the exclusive business area of the MHP Arena Stuttgart. Participants selected by hand, highly focussed and complementary set up. This is how our community can be characterized. 140 participants, speakers and partners on 26th September 2023. With BASF, Northvolt, Volkswagen/PowerCo, Saint-Gobain, Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Truck, DB Schenker, DHL Freight, FIEGE, karldischinger, LKW WALTER and many more. In 2024, our international community meets at the Tüpras Besiktas Istanbul Stadium and again at the MHP Arena Stuttgart.

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We just started in 2022/23. More than 22,000 leaders and employees already trust our platform on regular basis. In addition, there are 50,000 digital Intermodal Magazine readers worldwide from Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa and the New Silk Road Corridors.

Moreover, articles and interviews in English by Prof. Dr. Stefan Iskan reach 10,000 users from industry, logistics, politics and associations every month on KargoHaber.com of the Aysberg Publishing Group. In a JV with Messe Munich, the group organizes the logitrans fairs in Istanbul - the sister exhibition of transport logistic Munich, the world's leading exhibition for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management.

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