Methodology and consultants are replaceable. Personality and industry specific experience are not.
Connecting top management strategy with shopfloor operations is key. Grow people and feel dynamic enthusiasm. Passion for your business is the difference.
Trusted Advisor
Is this situation familiar to you? Are you already spending family days to deal with the future and industrialization of your enterprise? There is simply no time and permanent budget for a corporate strategy manager with a deep understanding of your operations?
Advisory Board
Looking for a strategy manager with a task force network for challenging topics? An agile project manager to support you in your day-to-day business and push your strategic projects ahead with operational impact?
Sounding Board
Connecting top management strategy with shopfloor management is key. With full speed and dynamic enthusiasm. Together with the right people, mindset and big picture in mind.


Committed change leadership.
We let others find solutions in line with the path of least resistance.
We deliver dynamic, in-depth and at the same time entertaining keynotes. On top, our network includes speakers from the business world and professional sports.
Of course, we do more than just moderate a workshop. We deliver insights and say it straight. And what about when things get heated? Then it's not us who run and hide.
Tired of your debating club? Change management in times of crisis is easy. How do you create the burning platform if the need for change is not yet felt everywhere in your company?
Managers do not need consultants. We are independent and trusted advisors in the logistics service providers and automotive industry in times of digital industrialization.

Transformation needs change visionaries, no change missionaries.