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On top of this, there are another 50,000 digital Intermodal Magazine readers worldwide from Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa and the New Silk Road corridors. 600 external participants in 5 live briefings in just 8 weeks in 2022 were the kick-off. Further highlights were the briefing on automotive area forwarding concepts 2022 and the briefing on the nearshoring boom market Türkiye 2023. 100% of this event earnings were donated to the victims of the earthquake in Türkiye. The sold-out 4th edition of our Tender Management Conference 2023 with 140 participants in the MHP Arena Stuttgart was definetly another highlight.

All digital live events are presented with power and straight to the point. In TV and C-level quality. No "cheap" video conference look with a boring expert talk. 60 minutes boardroom compact incl. HD video material (no recording). All digital briefings are already included in the membership for corporate members. Our international media post-reporting follows our briefings.

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