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"Be different. Show courage. Shape the future."

Are you looking for a strategist with hands-on operational background, strong skills in change leadership and high speed execution? A dedicated, virtual resource, who has "survived" in a matrix organization, at the OEM customer frontline and on the corporate boardroom? Someone who will motivate your employees to lifelong learning with tangible enthusiasm in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I am a dedicated and trusted advisor to managers and their leadership teams in the logistics and automotive industry along China's One Belt One Road including the nearshoring boom market Türkiye. For years, I have been highlighting that we no longer consider the supply chain purely from an operational function. Today, supply chain management is (geo-)strategic management and access on geo-strategic infrastructure. But above all, supply chain management is about enabling competitive advantages in the interaction of people, culture, technology, data and assets.

Anyone who does not understand digital industrialization, who does not have the "battle" on supremay in Eurasia and thus the future markets along OBOR on his radar, who does not have change leadership skills, is not interested in sustainability, has little ability to deal with the lean philosophy and is struggling with change readiness and health & mindset for themselves, will now come under tremendous pressure. That is, what I promise you.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Iskan looks back on 17 years of experience in the logistics and automotive industry. The "reliable man of practice who breaks the speaking speed limit" (DVZ, KargoHaber 2013, 2016) "is currently one of the most highly demanded logistics service provider management, change and automotive logistics experts. His word is influencing many leaders. Iskan talks straight forward. And that is exactly what his audience and managers who rely on working with him appreciate" (DVZ 2021). Since 2012, the former junior player of German soccer club 1. FC Nürnberg has been on the road with the former IBM Germany CEO and honorary president of German soccer club VfB Stuttgart, Erwin Staudt.

Corporate strategy manager
Prof. Dr. Stefan Iskan worked as a manager corporate strategy for the top management in Berlin and Istanbul within the holding management of DB Mobility Logistics AG, the Deutsche Bahn AG group for its transport and logistics business (DB Cargo and DB Schenker). At Schenker AG in Essen, he was also responsible for strategic projects and business development and reported directly to a member of the mangement board, being responsible for region Europe and the DB Schenker Land Transport network organization.
University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen
In 2013, the head of the master's program in logistics was appointed to the full professorship for logistics and business informatics, in particular automotive SCM and digitization at the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen in Germany. In parallel, he had received and rejected a call to the full professorhip for strategic management and business skills at the HTW Saar, the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken, Germany. He considers the curriculum of his master's program in logistics to be cutting edge. Confirmed by the FIBAA accreditation. Today, students from all over Germany visit the Ludwigshafen campus due to e.g. the automotive footprint, the data-driven tender management and smart technologies. A campus for business administration, business informatics and social affairs with almost 5,000 students and a modern new building project of over 65m EUR. A campus with strong cooperations such as Amazon, BASF, Mercedes-Benz Group or SAP. 
From Automotive to DHL Packstation
Prof. Dr. Stefan Iskan also was a Key Account Manager OEM at the Automotive Transport & Systems (ATS) unit of Schenker Deutschland AG in Frankfurt. There, he developed an integrated supply chain solution for connecting Asian and Maghreb suppliers to European OEM production sites. He also focused on the pan-European area freight forwarding system (Gebietssspedition), including intermodal solutions to Russia and Türkiye. At Deutsche Post Consult GmbH, he rolled out the innnovative DHL last mile delivery system Packstation in several German cities. Based on the implementation of rail-based finished vehicle transports at the Bremen plant as well the procurement of inbound transport logistics service providers at the Stuttgart headquarters, he still is associated with the Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Iskan is expert in manager magazinSWR TV and various daily newspapers. In November 2021, his current book was subject of an MDR radio podcast - available in the ARD TV audiothek. His interviews and articles also appear in international logistics and automotive media.

Altinay Bekar
Independent Editor in Chief & Moderator

Altinay Bekar has a strong footprint in international media and trade fairs around transport, logistics, commercial vehicles and trailer industry. She had a strong contribution and a leading position in establishment the International Transport Logistics Exhibition logitrans the sister exhibition of transport logistic in Munich, the world's leading fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management. Altinay Bekar not only is a perfect interpreter between the markets along China's One Belt One Road, she also is a professional moderator. For more than 15 years, she was editor in chief of Intermodal magazin and member of the editorial board of KargoHaber.

Robert Kölbl
Independent IT System Integrator & Video Engineer

Robert Kölbl is a precisely specialist meeting today's challenges of modernizing complex legacy IT systems during ongoing operations. The creative perfectionist is an expert on workflow automation, high performing fault tolerant servers and storage as well as cyber security. Robert Kölbl has been working independently in the IT industry for over 25 years. His closest partners include the world's leading Japanese technology group NEC Corporation (Sumitomo) and Oracle Platinum Partner ISE Information Systems Engineering.

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